Food for Fitness: A Daily Food Guide for Beginners

Food for Fitness: A Daily Food Guide for Beginners

What is the ultimate secret to healthy eating or food for fitness: a daily food guide for beginners and all those who want to live a better and healthier life!

Let’s face it – the foods you eat every day have a huge effect on your quality of life and your overall health. Even though eating healthy can be complicated, it can definitely lead to a better and healthier life. However, there are a lot of popular diets over the internet and these dieting trends can easily cause a confusion. As a matter of fact, these dieting trends usually distract from the essential nutritional rules and principles which are in fact most important.

If you are looking for the ultimate secret to healthy eating or food for fitness – a daily food guide for beginners is all you need. The guide presented in this article is based on the latest nutrition news and science.

Before we continue, allow us to answer the question – why should you eat and live a healthy life?

Well, first of all, because research links serious and harmful diseases to a poor and low-quality diet. Eating healthy can significantly reduce your chances of developing cancer and heart diseases which we all know are the leading killers in this world. A good and healthy diet can improve all aspects of life, starting from physical performance to brain function. As a matter of fact, the food affects all your organs and cells. If you exercise daily and participate in sports, there is absolutely no doubt that a healthy lifestyle will help you perform much better

In recent years, the importance, as well as, the calculation of calories has been pushed aside. Even though calorie counting is not the most important thing in the world, when it comes to eating healthy, total calorie intake still plays a crucial role in health and weight control. For example, if you put in more calories than you actually burn, you will store them as body fat or new muscle. On the other hand, if you consume fewer calories than you burn, the logic is that you will lose weight. The conclusion here is that if you want to lose weight, you must come up with a strategy for calorie deficit. As simple as that! If you want to gain weight and grow muscle mass, you need to eat more than your body actually burns.

The basic things you should know and understand ae the 3 macronutrients or protein, fats, and carbs. These 3 basic nutrients are required in large amounts as they provide significant calories and have different functions in your body. Protein (4 calories per 1g) and the main sources of protein are meat and fish, eggs, vegetarian alternatives such as tofu, legumes, and dairy. Carbs (4 calories per gram) and the main sources are bread, potatoes, pasta, juice, some dairy products, fruit, sugar, and legumes. Fats (9 calories per gram) and the main sources are seeds, oils, cheese, fatty meat, nuts, oils, oily fish, and butter. How much fats, protein or carbs you should consume always depends on your goals, as well as, your lifestyle and your personal needs and preferences.

If you want to start eating healthy you need to base your diet around various food groups such as fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, dairy, herbs and spices, and beverages. There are also foods that you must avoid, at least most of the time. We are talking about sugar-based products, refined carbs, trans fats, processed low-fat products, and vegetable oils.